Cyprus Piloting at the Secondary School

The piloting in Cyprus started on Sunday 10 February 2019 at the Ethnomartyras Kyprianos Lyceum. The first stage of the pilots will train young students in coding, programming and stem education practices in a fun, playful, and inclusive way. The young students will then go on to teach their even younger peers how to code! The methodology is based on 👨‍🚀STEM 👨‍🚀education, computational thinking and problem solving. The first stage of the pilot includes 15 hours of student education in both programming and knowledge transfer to primary school students.

#CODINCEU Project presented at the Cyprus Reseacher Night

On September 27 and 28, 2018 the Research Promotion Foundation (RPF)  organised the “Researcher’s Night”, an event organized in collaboration with academic and research institutions as well as other organisations in Cyprus. The event is an initiative of the European Commission and takes place simultaneously in almost all European countries. Those joining us at the Lanitis Carob Mill Complex in Limassol had the opportunity to enjoy a creative night-time event dedicated to science and research, through experiments, games, competitions and music.