Codinc report cover

CODINC - Coding for inclusion is a project that contributes to digital inclusion and equal educational opportunities for all through peer-to-peer learning workshops. It was well received by the 69 primary and 23 secondary school students from disadvantaged backgrounds that were involved, as well as their teachers. It promoted self-confidence and initiative in the secondary school students, who got the opportunity to discover new talents and interests related to teaching and training, as well as confidence in their own knowledge and abilities. By allowing them to take responsibility, both for themselves and the primary school children in their care, they developed new and strengthened existing skills.
The primary school children got the opportunity to explore coding and coding tools that they might otherwise not get into contact with. Moreover, being trained by fellow students provided them with role models closer to their own age than their regular teachers.

The biggest challenge of the project was engaging the teachers, in particular those of the primary school. However, the teachers that were engaged, were very enthusiastic and are already looking for ways to continue the project next year.


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