teacher workshop

As a trainer i was so lucky to have such a young enthousiastic team of teachers in one of the primary schools where the codinc-project was going to take place. They allready had a lot of digital skills. They knew Scratch allready a little bit and they were working with microbits in class. Although they had some skills they had an incredible motivating attitude and it was a true pleasure to give this workshop to this group.


Normally the workshop was planned from 1 pm until 4 pm on a wednesday afternoon, but I stayed untill 6 pm, because they were so interested. We overviewed the codinc project quickly. We rather quickly played the applications on the ipad, but the most fun was to create the shooter game together with them, without giving the solution. They themselves had to find the right code to create their own game.


It was really fun for me to teach teachers and it was in a very relax environnement. Offcourse around 4 pm the 'moment suprème' arrived, where they could test it with makey makey. This they didn't know makey makey, but they found it amazing.