The final event for the Codinc project will take place this week in Bologna. On 10-11th  October, over 150 representatives of organisations and networks, working in the field of digital inclusion and empowerment, will gather in Bologna for the XXII ALL DIGITAL Summit, the first day of which will serve as the final event for the Coding for Inclusion project.  The event is organised by pan-European association ALL DIGITAL, striving to enhance digital skills across Europe, and is co-hosted by our Italian members ART-ER, Lai-MomoOpen Group in collaboration with Emilia-Romagna Digital Agenda and supported by Golinelli Foundation.

ALL DIGITAL Summit 2019 will tackle two distinctive but equally important themes for our network. Basic digital skills for everyone have always been at the core of our work ever since the digital inclusion leaders met more than 10 years ago to establish a European network. STEAM skills are, on the other hand, a newer topic on the advanced side of the skills spectrum with increasing importance where digital competence centres have a key role to play.

The Summit offers a variety of workshops, discussion groups, plenary sessions around those topics, and specifically highlights the experience of three big projects: La Carovana STEM, Coding for Inclusion, and Digital Competences Development System. You can learn more here about the Summit, but the registration is closed as of 10 September.

There will be a Codinc panel featuring some young people who participated in the Codinc pilot in Napoli. The will also be a discussion group on, "Assessing the impact of coding and STEM educational initiatives," The objective which is to share and discuss various assessment strategies on in projects. This can help to identify common and specific features and develop common frameworks and tools which can be applied to a range of different activities. Participants will have the unique chance to hear about the assessment methodologies used in the Codinc and UMI-Sci-Ed projects, as well as about the broader experience of the expert speakers. Based on this, a discussion will be facilitated on how to make a clear plan for assessment from the beginning, set measurable indicators, and presenting results to different stakeholders to convince them (to fund the activity, or enroll in it.) There will also be a how-to workshop showing how to practically implement the codinc project.