Codinc for inclusion in Barcelona

#CodincEU partner @colectic_coop hosted two project multiplier events in June, sharing the good practices and lessons on how coding and robotics can be used to facilitate inclusion of vulnerable groups.

Colectic implemented a presentation and 4 hands-on workshops about the CODINC project to showcase methodology and curriculum, to give a practical experience with coding activities, and to discuss results and some lessons we learned!

In the workshops for educators, e-facilitators, students and policy makers Pep Oliveras from Colectic showed how to use the CODINC activities from the Toolkit and work on social inclusion in a classroom or after-school activity. All participants agreed, coding can be a very powerful tool to foster self-confidence and promote STEAM vocations, if used with an empowering methodology like peer-learning and service-learning.

Workshop 1Workshop 2

Workshop 3

#CodincEU shows that coding and robotics can be used to promote social inclusion in a fun and educational way.

  • Service-learning and peer-learning to foster self-esteem, self-confidence and empowerment

  • A pre-job experience in the field of robotics training, to be a teacher for a day helps changing “bad” habits in classroom.

  • Cooperation with 4 or 5 schools involving over 100 kids and students during 15 or 30 hours is highly complex, good planning is mandatory.

  • Good training with secondary school students to better prepare them for the service-learning and workshops with their younger peers.

  • Training for primary and secondary school kids is vital, and very much appreciated!

Please find here the presentation in Catalan.