The CODINC Project aims to teach coding to young people in an accessible and fun way so to ensure that they don’t only use digital tools but actively create. The CODINC Methodology teaches secondary school students to use computational thinking to learn how to code using online and offline exercises. Once they are trained they then teaches younger peers what they have learned creating a peer learning STEM community!

The CODINC Consortium is now launching a contest addressed to teachers and trainers.


Check out the Codinc video!


Are you a teacher or trainer and would you like to take part?


Go to . You will find a toolkit gathering a range of resources to teach the CODINC methodology. First join the online coding community! You can:

  1. Add an Open Educational Resource (OER) to the toolkit by clicking on add a reference. References are accepted in all languages.


  1. Show us how you used or want to use the #CodincEU toolkit!

You can implement the CODINC methodology in your community. Share your experience in using the CODINC programme or your plan to use it on our community networking platform Unite-IT. You need to register to  the platform to add your blogs and use the hashtag #CodincEU when sharing the blog!


You can win a makey-makey set for the OERs you upload or a microbit set for an entire class for sharing your CODINC experience!