Gabriela Ruseva presenting the #CodincEU and Capital Digital projects at the ET2020 working group

The ET2020 working group on digital skills and competences met in Sofia ahead of the Educate to Create: from Digital consumers to digital makers conference, a flagship conference hosted by the Bulgarian presidency of the European Council on education and digital skills.

The Working Group meeting held in conjunction with the conference was a occasion where  best practices in digital competences and education were shared. The #CodincEU project was invited to be presented which was done by All Digital project officer Gabriela Ruseva. Meetings of the ET2020 Working group take place in Brussels or in host countries where 'peer learning' activities (similar to study visits) are organised on a topic agreed by the group.  These events give the members a chance to meet and to share examples of good practice and discuss common challenges. Peer learning activities usually include a visit to schools or higher education institutions to see projects in action and meet teachers and students.

Veronique de Leener, the director of maks presented at the subsequent Educate to Create conference where she talked about  coding and non-formal training projects at Maks, including capital digital and the #CodincEU project. The conference served as a unique opportunity to raise awareness of the urgent need to boost basic competences and digital skills and of the need for quality education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (“STEM”) for all. The event was also an opportunity to highlight efforts of policy-makers to support young people in using technologies for creativity, knowledge construction and effective and efficient learning.