Introduction to coding with the lightbot application

The first session of the codinc-project was an immediate succes in the secondary school Technisch Atheneum in Jette, Brussels. The students were really enthousiast to learn more about coding and programming. The first session was an introduction about the Codinc-project The trainers showed a video about makey makey and you could see the excitement in the eyes of the students growing every minute.


Testing the Lightbot application


After this intro, the seconday students tried their first steps into programming and coding. In a light way they learned about computational thinking with the RoboSanwich. This is an exercise where they have to program a robot (the trainer)  to let him make a sandwich witch butter and choclate. The students found out that it is not that easy to program a real life robot step by step. It let to same funny situations where the students saw that the trainer was spreading butter on his own hands because the students forget a few steps. Afterwoulds they tried out Lightbot and Run Marco. These are 2 applications on the ipad where they program a robot to find the right way to the end. The students were really excited. Speaking about a success !