creating a viedo on scratch: for some an easy assignment, for some a very difficult assignment

The second session started with a fruitful energizer in the early morning. After this fruitful waking-up exercise the students tried a game on scratch that the trainers made themselves. The students were amazed how quickly an easy game can be made. Now they had a clear goal of what they were supposed to create at the end of the workshops. The trainers explained the different possibilities with Scratch 2 (offline editor).The trainers discussed the different blocks so the students had a good base to start their own project in the next sessions. Afterwards, they had to try the scratch cards to fully understand the principles of Scratch. With all this information they had 20 minutes to make a funny video that they could show during the break.

creating a funny video on scratch

After the break we started to make a Scratch-project. They could choose a few scratch-projects that allready existed, but they could choose their own sprites and backgrounds. At the end of the session the trainers talked about pedagogy and how to bring all this information over to pupils of 8 to 12 years old. The trainers talked about the conduct of rules, how to teach and the importance of energizers. All the students loved the energizers-part because in different groups they could research or invent an energizer and present this in the right pedagodical way at the end of the session. Again a succesful session for the students and teachers of the Technisch Atheneum of Jette.

Starting from scratch to learn to code