Workshop for primary school teachers in Brussels

As a trainer i was so lucky to have such a young enthousiastic team of teachers in one of the primary schools where the codinc-project was going to take place. They allready had a lot of digital skills. They knew Scratch allready a little bit and they were working with microbits in class. Although they had some skills they had an incredible motivating attitude and it was a true pleasure to give this workshop to this group.

The last session in two different classes in the secondary school on 1st of March 2019 in Brussels

This last session was divided in two big parts of 2 hours. After rehearsing the they were divided in different groups. They received a cards  with an image on it (laptop, makey makey, robot or codinc-sticker) and they had to find the students with the same image. The students had the feeling the groups were made arbitrary so everbody was fine with the groups, but they were actually made by the trainers with respect to the woman/man proportion, diversity and their digital skills.

The third session in two different classes on the secondery school on 26 th of February of 2019 In Brussels

This session was started with a rehearsel about what the students allready learned last sessions, especially about the pedagogical part. Afterwards there was an exercise and the 3 different groups had 10 minutes to prepare there first 5-minutes-teaching to their class. One group had to explain conduct of rules to  the other students who were pretending to be kids of the primary school. The other group had to prepare to explain run marco and the final group had to teach scratch.

The second session in two different classes on the secondary school on 19th of Ferbruary 2019 In Brussels

The second session started with a fruitful energizer in the early morning. After this fruitful waking-up exercise the students tried a game on scratch that the trainers made themselves. The students were amazed how quickly an easy game can be made. Now they had a clear goal of what they were supposed to create at the end of the workshops. The trainers explained the different possibilities with Scratch 2 (offline editor).The trainers discussed the different blocks so the students had a good base to start their own project in the next sessions.