2nd partner meeting and staff training in Barcelona

Do you really believe that coding is as aseptic as it could seem? Have you ever thought of computer programming as a way to create bonds between people? This is the idea behind the CODINC Project, whose acronym means indeed “Coding for Inclusion” and whose aim is to foster STEM education of disadvantaged youth through an inclusive educational approach based on a peer-learning pedagogical method for formal and non-formal educational contexts in Europe.

Initially, 150 secondary school students will be trained with their teachers on the basics of coding, robotics and making apps in a playful way. After having acquired a proper knowledge, the students will train a total of 480 primary school pupils and will become animator themselves.

Project partners from 5 European countries, namely Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Italy and Spain gathered together in Barcelona on 4-6 July 2018 for the 2nd Project Meeting and the Training of trainers from piloting partners. They will indeed be responsible of delivering the CODINC Methodology to secondary school teachers and students. image from 2nd partner meeting

The training of trainers was delivered by Jasper Pollet and Maxim Kadi from Maks and it was very successful! It was an exchange of experiences where piloting trainers thought of new ideas on how to motivate their students and had the chance to experience new tools.

On the last day of their training, piloting trainers had to produce new games using Scratch and Makey Makey and show them to the other partners. Very creative and interesting ideas came up which proved that coding can be used to create connections and social relations between people.

It was an enjoyable moment for everyone and gave partners the right boost to implement their training!